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Milwaukee Entertainment

The party scene at night in every city and town is a consideration for tourists. It means that when nightlife is booming, the city never sleeps and venues for enjoyment are limitless. This holds true to Milwaukee nightlife. Many bars and disco sites come alive at night in the busy streets of Milwaukee, making the Milwaukee nightlife worth the time of any party-going soul.

Milwaukee nightlife is a mix of good food, clean and raucous fun, and great booze. Disc jockeys from in or out of town set the mood of these party scenes much to the delight of the listening and the dancing public. Jukebox as well late night dinners are also prominent features of Milwaukee nightlife.

For fans of Sinatra and Clooney, the best Milwaukee nightlife place to be is Angelo's. It is right in the heart of the Italian neighborhood and it boasts good music dedicated to the older people with a resounding jukebox for everyone.

Pabst Theatre, on the other hand, is home to various types of genre. From live music to theatre, this 1895-built sandstone building has seen and withstood generations of artists including Cheap Trick and Dar Williams. It can house up to 1400 people making it the Milwaukee nightlife venue for everyone.

Another Milwaukee nightlife hotspot is the Roman Coin. It is, by far, the place to be for the local Milwaukee nightlife partygoers. It is like a sister to the Pabst theatre because it is the designed by the same architect. It is home to the best and affordable drinks and very hospitable and chatty bartenders. Now that is what we call Milwaukee nightlife at its best!

For bar hoppers, the perfect Milwaukee nightlife getaway is Water Street or Juneau Avenue. These streets and their neighboring thoroughfares are lined with various bars for all bar hoppers to enjoy.

The Milwaukee nightlife offers a unique variety of choices for all the music, dancing and singing pleasure of everyone.

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