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Milwaukee Dining

In every tourism itinerary, food should be on top of the list. No amount of spectacular views or heart-pounding adventures would suffice if the food in the area were not sumptuous and mouth-watering. That is why; there are several Milwaukee restaurants to choose from. Some of these Milwaukee restaurants cater to specific taste of food while others serve local and international cuisine.

One unique Milwaukee restaurant right in the heart of the city is the Botanas Fine Mexican Cuisine. It serves primarily Mexican food but has been known for the unique twists in their dishes via home-style cooking. It is family owned thereby keeping the tradition of cooking like in Mexican homes that has been passed from generation to generation. Of course, fresh margaritas are abound this Milwaukee restaurant because it compliments their food.

The most multi-awarded Milwaukee restaurant is the Emperor of China Chinese Restaurant. This Milwaukee restaurant is family-owned and has been inexistence since 1986. They use primarily Chinese style of cooking from Schezuan, Peking, Cantonese, Shanghai or combinations. They offer a wide array of food choices from seafood, vegetable, pork and beef and other meat products, American and even seasonal foods backed by their well-known cooking. This is one Milwaukee restaurant to visit, as this is practically the best restaurant there is.

When looking for pastas and salads, a cozy Italian Milwaukee restaurant exists in a quaint neighborhood. It is known as Balistretri's Italian American Ristorante. It offers a wide array of Italian food from pasta, sandwiches and desserts. They also offer great wine from all over the world. It is a hit Milwaukee restaurant because it has significantly brought to town the wonderful taste of Mediterranean and Italian cuisine.

It is true that Milwaukee is not only famous for its breweries. The Milwaukee restaurants are equally breath-taking form the exterior and their food are just beyond compare.

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